Increased scale on KUGU's IoT platform 

INDUSTRY PropTech, IoT, SaaS

LOCATION Berlin, Germany


Operating at the very forefront of SaaS and IoT innovation, KUGU were expecting rapid growth. They needed to restructure their current team and bolster their talent resource to successfully expand their Tech4Good, sustainable vision. 

KUGU wanted to redesign their product vision, but lacked access to experienced product leaders that could facilitate this. They were also finding it difficult to attract top talent that would help them grow. 


To help KUGU with their strategic leadership, we connected them with a non-executive CPO through NXLab, our virtual board of world-class business leaders. This person had an existing relationship with Amsource through our community of senior-level product professionals, byProduct. 

We agreed a strategic leadership plan alongside our Talent as a Service permanent hiring solution were the ideal solutions to establish a pipeline of premium talent and manifest KUGU's sustainable mission. 

We created a bespoke, KUGU-branded microsite with video role profiles, job opportunities and team culture insights to attract and engage talent.  Working closely with the Founder, CPO and People & Culture Manager, our partnership continues to grow KUGU. 

KUGU's Plan

01 Permanent hiring
05 Remote hiring
02 Strategic leadership06 Onshore/offshore teams
03 Community07 Funding partners
04 Contract hiring
08 Eco-hiring

  Available hiring solutions

  KUGU's required solutions

Permanent hiring

Using our Talent as a Service solution, we worked alongside KUGU to build a world-class talent pipeline of 10+ Kotlin, Java and DevOps Engineers.

Using AWS and Kafka, the new Engineering team is building a scalable IoT platform that will give KUGU's clients real-time, data-backed reports on energy consumption. This will help property owners make more informed decisions as they strive for eco-friendly premises.

Strategic Leadership

We connected KUGU with Scott Williams, a non-executive Chief Product Officer through NXLab. Scott had an existing relationship with Amsource through our community of senior-level product professionals, byProduct. This made it easier to align KUGU's requirements with Scott's expertise.

Following the positive impact Scott and NXLab had, KUGU decided to hire him permanently. They have also onboarded an interim Chief Technology Officer through NXLab to strengthen their technical team.


KUGU's Chief Product Officer, Scott is an active member of our byProduct community. byProduct is our network of likeminded senior product professionals who collaborate to drive tech forward.

Scott was a panellist on byProduct event So, you want to be want to be a Head of Product? which helped reinforce his relationship with Amsource. Understanding Scott's experience and his future career needs through this community relationship helped us connect him with KUGU, ultimately fulfilling both of their requirements. 

Contract hiring solutions

We rapidly deployed a project squad of engineers into KUGU's team to build the new version of their IoT platform. This updated version is acting as KUGU's proof of concept. This enables KUGU to go to market while their newly-onboarded team of permanent engineers continues to develop the platform

We are making great progress. We scratched the surface and found out the problem was bigger than initially thought, but Scott is doing an amazing job of pulling things together. 

We even got more intros to our interim CTO, helping us to navigate through a time of change and it's really bringing us forward a lot.

– Christopher Gumppenberg, Co-Founder & CEO, KUGU


KUGU onboarded their NXLab CPO on a full-time basis. He is supported by a new Head of Delivery hire to help direct their delivery goals. 

Following the success of their new CPO, we have connected KUGU with an interim CTO through NXLab

KUGU now have a squad of industry-leading contractors establishing a two year product roadmap that aligns with scaling objectives. They are working alongside a team of 10+ permanent AWS and Kafka engineers who are building KUGU's scalable platform.

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