Mission Statement
byProduct is a mutually beneficial space for product focussed professionals to share knowledge and discuss the latest news and developments within the space. We will host regular, free events in digestible formats to ensure our members are at the forefront of their profession and have access to like-minded tech leaders to form a supportive, informative, inclusive environment for all.

Our Values, Principles and Code of Conduct
• byProduct isn't a sales group, it's a space to share knowledge and information - for free.
• Opinions of all shapes and sizes are welcome, as is passionate discussion, but please remain professional in how we speak.
• This is not an autocracy, our members dictate our events and we will be as receptive as possible.
• All data, metrics and insights shared within byProducts are not, and will not, be shared outside the group.
• We are open to members extending invitations to byProduct, but reserve the right to refuse membership.
• Events will aim to be 15 minutes long as often as possible, and never longer than 30 minutes.
• We encourage questions! Questions, of any size, will be the lifeblood of byProduct, and we have set up this group to create somewhere that can have those answered.
• We are all peers at byProduct, and there is no company hierarchy or food chain, so please leave the power of your job title at the door.
• Like product, we want to constantly evolve, so please suggest changes, adaptations, your own additional values and principles and more. This is a community.
• Should you need to report something to byProduct about the community, be assured that your feelings will be handled discreetly and anonymously should you so wish.

byProduct For All: Ingrained equality, without compromise

byProduct is fully committed to inclusion across race, gender, age, religion, identity and experience, and our pursuit of facilitating a diverse community to thrive is entirely non-negotiable. 

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